Be a brilliant people developer

People are hard, so why are they called “soft skills”? Much like technical skills, there is both science and art, theory and experience, to becoming good at leading, managing, coaching, mentoring & developing people. In this workshop we’ll look at some of that theory, share experiences and boost your ability to develop yourself and others.

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Meri Williams

Estimate and manage projects with ease

Agile. Waterfall. Hybrid. No matter what methodology you choose, managing digital projects can be tough. But it doesn't have to be! Through a series of interactive group exercises and presentations, this workshop will provide an opportunity to share ideas, learn from others, and discuss the challenges we all face while delivering projects.

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Brett Harned

A beginner's guide to making your organisation more digitally friendly

The biggest challenge we face in our job is not technology. It is organisational culture. But how can we begin to tackle a task a momentous as changing an entire company? In this workshop we will look at practical ways you can shift your organisation's culture. Shift it just enough to allow you to do your job effectively.

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Paul Boag

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