Speaker interview: Yvette Pegues

Speaker interview: Yvette Pegues

Yvette Pegues, ME.D, is a professional speaker, educator, engineer, author, advocate, TV host and Founder/CTO (Chief Transformation Officer) of Your Invisible Disability Group. She is thought-leader of the © 4/4's Signature Program Pillars for Newly Disabled & Diagnosed persons exclusively synopsised in her training workbook, The "Art of Adaptability". She co-authored, "My Mommy had Brain Surgery & I'm Okay!" with her sons, Isaiah (7) and Elijah (5). She serves on Georgia State University’s Center for Leadership in Disability educating Adult Learners with disabilities, is a Georgia Leadership & Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (GaLEND) Fellow, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport ADA Advisory Committee Board member and Adaptive Athletics Expert for the National Alliance for Accessible Golf's Speakers Bureau. Yvette is Host of the Hallmark, on-demand TV Show, disAbilityLifeTV on the BizLynks TV Network where different abilities/services are spotlighted and resources are provided to educate, motivate and celebrate a multi-ability audience. This digital journalism is the 1st of its kind, launched in commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 2015. She has the benefit of seeing disability from the C-suite position of able-bodied (pre-injury) leadership to building a (post-injury) Entrepreneurial body of Expertise and experiences.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

My Dad! It had nothing to do with his occupation but more so his work ethic, character and integrity. He was my hero. If I had to pick a "job/occupation," I'd have to say I've always wanted to be an attorney because I enjoyed Debate Club and helping people. Somehow, I became an Engineer instead.

What’s your favourite aspect of your current role as Founder and CTO of Your Invisible Disability Group?

Helping People With Disabilities #LiveForward after a life-changing event as well as assisting with Corporate Culture, Diversity integration and Access consulting by creating a space to live my life out loud with community in mind.

What do you find to be your biggest work-related challenge, and how do you approach that challenge?

Misperceptions and misunderstandings related to Diversity of People vs Diversity of Thought, Ideas and Innovation. This is challenged through modeling honesty, dignity, respect, sensitivity and the global value of diversity and creative destruction through experimental discovery.

We’re thrilled to have you at the first ever Ground Control! What made you want to be a part of the conference?

I'm excited to be on the right side of Digital Project Management. My experience as Technical, Project and Program management at Fortune 10 company wasn't lost after my injury. Instead, my past prepared me with life-experiences accustomed to, anticipating and embracing change. As such, as an active, differently-abled adult, I could envision what could be, challenge the status quo and drive creative destruction through experimental discovery.

Finally, what piece of advice do you wish someone had given you when you first started out in the field?

This is where you believe, belong and blossom in ways that no one else can. Trust in your unique abilities and giftedness to soar. Allow yourself to fly!

Don't miss Yvette's session on Digital Diversity - Leading multi-sensory & multi-ability audiences!

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